Why a 3D selfie model is the ultimate travel companion


Why a 3D selfie model is the ultimate travel companion

Some people, no matter where they are in life, cannot resist the urge to wave goodbye to their daily routine and jet off across the world on a non-stop adventure of self-discovery. Flying away with a friend is a popular choice, but experiencing traveling alone puts your character to the test and can often lead to the best memories being made. However, there is one travel companion that we believe even solo travellers should never leave home without – the 3D selfie model, like the realistic figurines we create here at TwinMe. If you’re about to buy a one-way ticket to a far-off destination, let us explain why you should consider popping in to our specialist scanning studios in London before you jet away.

Choosing to travel alone means that you are not limited to where you go, what you do or how long you stay in each place, with only your own thoughts and desires to rule your actions. However, while this can lead you towards many incredible landmarks and beautiful destinations, anyone flicking through your photo albums may not believe that you have been there if you’re never smiling in front of these incredible backdrops! Of course, one option is to take a traditional selfie but this can feel awkward to many people and more importantly it can restrict the amount of scenery captured in every shot. Taking a miniature, 3D selfie model means that a small part of you can be seen in every photograph and memory that is made, capturing the moment in a unique, original way, bound to make your loved ones back home smile.

Speaking of loved ones, creating a second TwinMe model means that your friends and family can always have you by their side while you embark on your opportunity of a lifetime! Whether they place you on their bookshelf, by their bedside table or proudly on display in an ornamental cabinet, these realistic models make the perfect goodbye gift.

If you’re planning on going traveling and decide to create a 3D selfie companion, why not dress up in the clothes you plan to take on your journey, as well as props such as a (very large) rucksack, suitcase, map or more to add personality and life to your model!

At TwinMe we can create your 3D selfie model in various different sizes, to suit your budget and luggage allowance! Contact us to find out more and to book your session today.

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