Why a 3D selfie makes the perfect, personalised gift


Why a 3D selfie makes the perfect, personalised gift

Why a 3D selfie makes the perfect, personalised gift

These days, Christmas is a pretty big deal. You’re probably in the throws of present buying right now, and worrying about what you can get for your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and anyone else you feel obliged to give presents to. Giving the right gift to the right person can be a tricky task, but have you considered gifting a TwinMe 3D selfie? Whether you’re getting yourself immortalised to give to someone, or giving them the chance to have their own model made, here are three top reasons why we think a TwinMe 3D selfie could be the ultimate gift this Christmas.

  1. It’s a great experience

More and more these days, people are looking for ‘experiences’ rather than physical presents. Whether it’s tickets to a show, skydiving, or a day in our studio, ‘experience’ presents are a becoming a big hit – particularly with young people. Experiences provide memories that last a lifetime, and can be great fun for the person receiving it. Gifting a slot at our Bayswater studio will be a once in a lifetime experience for the recipient. Not only will they get an awesome mini-me of themselves, but they’ll get to have a sneak peek at how we do things using the latest and greatest technology around.

  1. It’s better than a photo

If you’ve got relatives that love having photos of friends and family around the house, giving them a 3D selfie can take that one step further. Rather than just a flat image in a fancy frame, a 3D selfie is a great way for loved ones to have a lovely memento of you that they can cherish for years and years to come.

  1. It’s the perfect gift to show off

Let’s face it – looking through other people’s photo albums is not always as fun as they think it is. After the 100th photo of them in front of a sunset things can get a little boring, but a TwinMe 3D selfie is a gift that you can really show off. 3D printing technology is still a new phenomenon for a lot of people, and not everyone can say they have a 3D printed figurine. But, if you give the gift of TwinMe this Christmas your friends and family will be able to do just that!

So there you have it! To find out more about TwinMe 3D selfies and gift an awesome gift this Christmas, have a look around our website. We’d love to see you (or your loved ones) at our studio in the New Year!

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