TwinMe 3D selfies – taking photography further


TwinMe 3D selfies – taking photography further

The world has been selfie mad for a good few years now. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that the modern-day self-portrait is a favourite pastime for people around the world. But now, as technology advances at a rapid rate, your standard 2D selfie is being replaced by a new breed of self-expression – the 3D model.

We think 3D printing is one of the best inventions of modern times. You can do anything with it – from printing sweets, to creating models of your whole house, to even getting a little mini-version of yourself. Here at TwinMe it’s the latter we love the most, and we’ve dedicated our lives to creating miniscule 3D models for people all over the world. So, why do we love it so much? And why is getting a 3D model a step up from your ordinary selfie?

It captures the whole person

Don’t get us wrong, photos can be great for capturing a moment in time. But, a photograph can only show you so much of a person. With a TwinMe 3D selfie you can capture yourself from head to toe in complete detail. You can also show off your personality with your 3D figure, whether you want to be immortalised holding your favourite guitar or playing a beloved sport.

It’s physical

When you pick up a photo, you can look at it all you want but due to its 2D nature, it’s not something you can pick up and really feel. With a TwinMe selfie, you get something to hold on to. From your hair to your facial features to the shoes on your feet you’ll be immortalised forever in a cool little figurine that you can display proudly in your home, or take with you on the go.

It’s a unique experience

To get a TwinMe 3D selfie, you’ll need to take a trip to our Queensway studio. You can come alone, or bring your nearest and dearest with you, too. While the process is pretty quick – you’ll get to nosey around the studio and see what we do. All of this adds up to a fun and unique experience that you’ll never forget, marking an occasion a bit more momentous than clicking a button on your camera or smartphone.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and get your own TwinMe 3D selfie!

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