Things to know before creating your TwinMe 3D selfie


Things to know before creating your TwinMe 3D selfie

If you’ve booked a place at our TwinMe studios in London or are thinking about heading in to get your very own 3D selfie model made, you probably have lots of questions to ask before you embark on this special experience. Your personalised 3D printed figurine is something to be treasured forever, so it is important to enter the booth armed with the right knowledge to ensure that your model is the best that it can be. However, we know that we are using new, innovative technology so you may not be aware of the factors that make a great 3D model. Don’t worry – we’re here to explain. Here are the things you need to know before creating your TwinMe 3D selfie.

The scanning process is not harmful to anyone (children and pregnant women included)

It is commonly thought that the process of getting scanned for your 3D printed figurine is harmful, however it is no different to being photographed by a camera. We welcome models of all ages, even inviting expecting mothers and pets into the booth at TwinMe, so bring along your loved ones to share the experience.

You don’t need to practice standing still

We’ve had lots of customers entering our doors and expecting to have to hold themselves still in their chosen position for lengthy amounts of time. At TwinMe we can capture your image in just a under a second, so there’s no need to prepare yourself for achy arms or pins and needles!

Contact lenses are preferred

While we can scan you in a very short space of time, technology does not yet allow us to scan or re-construct glasses or eye wear as they are transparent. Remember to take your glasses off while scanning in order to get the best picture.

Embrace colour

We know that black is a popular colour in fashion but for scanning it is the ultimate faux pas! Choose clothes in bright, bold colours to create the best looking (and most memorable) model, also avoiding shiny, metallic or reflective fabrics as well as transparent textiles such as lace or chiffon as they can disrupt the model-making process. Large patterns also work better than finer prints.

Smarten up

It is best to keep hairstyles tidy and off the face so that it can be captured accurately. When getting yourself scanned, show off your wonderful features rather than hiding them! For men, it is fine to keep personal beards and moustaches but one-day stubble can leave the TwinMe model looking dull in appearance.

Learn more about the process on our FAQ’s page, our contact us to speak to a member of our specialist team!

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