Put the socks aside – TwinMe offers last minute Christmas gift to never forget!


Put the socks aside – TwinMe offers last minute Christmas gift to never forget!

Although there are certain types of people who have their Christmas shopping completed before December even begins, there exists a less organised kind who naively watch the days whittle by, swept up by festive fun and frivolities until the 25th soon approaches and not one present has been bought. Rather than wasting money on unwanted, predictable gifts such as toiletries, chocolate and socks TwinMe, expert creators of the latest 3D selfies, offers a new kind of last-minute present that will be treasured forever, rather than discarded once the holidays are over.

TwinMe uses 3D scanners and 3D printers to produce the future of the selfie, leaving those who enter its booth with a realistic miniature model of themselves. Offering a one-of-a-kind experience, TwinMe provides the perfect present solution even at the latest moment. With its scan-lab based in London families, couples or individuals can enjoy a day in the capital city, leaving with a unique 3D reminder of the visit.

Ganage Brothers, Founders said, “With the rise of the internet, our expectations over presents at Christmas, birthdays and more are changing, with a wide range of customised gifts available at the click of a mouse. However, these often take time to be produced and delivered to your door. There is no other gift quite as personalised as a 3D selfie model of yourself, and as it is an experience you can book a session for your loved one in the New Year, even on Christmas day! ”

In order to achieve the ultimate selfie, customers must stand in the specialised imaging booth based at the TwinMe headquarters in Queensway, London. Here they are encouraged to strike a pose of choice, even offered the freedom to dress in creative costume. While there are certain restrictions on reflective clothing and accessories, in place in order to achieve the best 3Dscan possible, a TwinMe selfie provides the customer with the opportunity to become their favourite celebrity or to simply dress their best, captured forever in 3D. Once the 3D scans have been produced, the final sandstone model is ready to be shipped in seven to fifteen days.

Before rushing out to the seasonal isles at high-street stores, make every present count and give the gift of happy memories to never forget with TwinMe!

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