From scan to stand – the TwinMe process


 From scan to stand – the TwinMe process

Our TwinMe 3D selfies use the latest technology to give you a unique little keepsake. If you’re curious about how we make your TwinMe 3D selfie, keep reading!

Getting ready

Before anything else, you need to make sure you’re picture perfect for your 3D selfie. Make sure you’re wearing your favourite outfit, or that you’ve perfected your favourite TV/film/video game character costume. To make sure your 3D selfie is the best it can be, we do advise that you stay away from black clothes or any shiny materials.

3D photoscanner

To start the process, you need to step inside our 3D photoscanner. We only use the best technology, and the scanner is safe for people of all ages, and even pregnant women. Once inside the scanner, you will have to remain completely still, so you’ll have to contain your excitement – but only for just one or two seconds. The photo scanner will take photographs of your body from different angles, that can then be put together on our hi-tech computers.

Digital post processing

In the post processing stage, we make the digital version of your 3D selfie. In this part of the process we make sure there are no sneaky shadows left from the photographs and our expert designers will perfect the look of your mini-me to ensure every single detail looks as authentic as possible. Once everything is perfect, it can then be sent to print.


Once the 3D printer has worked it’s magic, your little mini-me will come out covered in a snowy white dust. This simply won’t do, so we remove all of the dust for you to make sure the beautiful colours of your TwinMe shine through. Once all the dust is gone, your miniscule model is dipped in a special solution which strengthens it, protecting against potential breakages, and makes every colour crystal clear.

Check, check, check

Before we hand over your 3D selfie, we have to double, triple, and quadruple check that everything is perfect. That’s why we have an intensive quality assurance test, to make sure we’re not giving you any less than the best.


Once it’s passed all the test, your TwinMe 3D selfie is finally complete. Now you have an awesome little model of yourself to treasure forever and ever! Take good care of it, travel the world with it, display it proudly in your home, and make sure to show it off to your friends.


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