Famous poses to inspire your TwinMe model

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Famous poses to inspire your TwinMe model

When heading to our store in London to get scanned for your very own TwinMe model you are faced with a very difficult decision to make – how will you stand in the scanning booth? The posing position you choose is soon to be captured forever in 3D, so it is important to make it count! While you could go for the traditional ‘mannequin’ look, or enter unprepared and end up with an awkward standing position, why not take some inspiration from some of the most recognised posers in the business?

Marilyn Monroe – ‘Windswept and interesting’

Marilyn Monroe has become known for that famous white halter neck dress worn for the film, Seven Year Itch (which was sold for over $5million in auction!) and of course, the pose as she elegantly held her dress down to save her modesty while walking over a windy subway grate. While this one might be a little harder to create in the confines of the scanning booth, wearing a similar dress and adopting a ladylike manner can add some Hollywood glamour to your 3D model.

Freddie Mercury – ‘Power stance’

Queen frontman Freddie Mercury touched the heart of the world, becoming loved for his fantastic talent and incomparable stage presence throughout the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. During a performance at Wembley Stadium in 1986 he made a power stance that became so famous, it was eventually turned into a memorial statue to pay tribute to his death in Montreux, making history forever. Although not quite as large (the tribute is around 10 feet tall!), you can pay homage to this shining star with your own X inch, X inch or X inch model.

The Spice Girls – ‘Girl power’

If you’re coming in to create a TwinMe model with friends, there are also various options for group poses. The Spice Girls made waves in the 1990’s with their girl power and heaps of attitude, and this was certainly apparent in the poses that they struck. Made up of five unique, vibrant personalities, pick your favourite member of this girl group to influence your stance in the booth.

Usain bolt – ‘Lightning strike’

It’s common for an athlete to have a victory pose to egg up the crowds and celebrate when they win a race! Sprinter Usain Bolt made his ‘bolting’ pose famous after debuting it at the Bejing Olympics in 2008. Take your TwinMe 3D model to a similar victory by mimicking his hero stance.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect pose, contact us today to book a place at TwinMe!

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