3D printing is the future of family portraits’ says TwinMe


3D printing is the future of family portraits’ says TwinMe

Whether bought as a gift or as a personal treat, many households in the UK will have a family portrait – either professionally taken or captured at a special event – proudly displayed in their home. Even as children grow up and ‘fly the nest’, photographs can showcase the inherent love between family members as the dynamics transform and develop. While framed photographs are commonly used for this purpose, TwinMe explains why 3D printing could be changing the norms of family portraiture in years to come.

TwinMe is a 3D scanning and printing company, using state of the art equipment and refined techniques to produce realistic figurines of those who enter its booth. Not only capable of producing individual models, large groups of people can also be scanned, making it perfect for capturing families. With such a new and exciting technology, heading for a day of 3D modelling offers a new and unusual experience compared to conventional photography sessions, leaving families with fun, lasting memories as well as a wonderful souvenir to treasure.

Jitesh Ganage, CEO said, “When purchasing a family portrait package, there is as much joy found in actual process of heading to the studio and taking the pictures as there is in enjoying the photo album once it has been made. However, photography is not a new technology anymore and some can feel awkward in front of the camera. 3D scanning and modelling is new and innovative, making it something to never forget! And with each scan taking less than a second to perform, true personalities can be captured rather than forced, posed positions.”

The 3D scanner system used by TwinMe is safe for all family members including children, pregnant women and even dogs! With no limitations, a 3D figurine group portrait leaves families with accurate and heart-warming memories to treasure forever. TwinMe produces its models in a variety of sizes, with the perfect option available to suit all mantelpieces, office desks and display cabinets.

Although TwinMe ships the finished models anywhere in the world, families looking to capture their unique charm in 3D must visit the dedicated scanning facility in London to perform the initial scan. Learn more about the process and view the incredible figurines at www.twinme.co.uk

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